How to Send Crypto from Uphold

Uphold is an app-based wallet and exchange platform for cross-border remittances in over 150 countries. Users can easily convert fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and precious metals with ease.

Uphold boasts over 1.5 million users and powers over $5 billion in transactions. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company also has offices around the world, including New York, Portugal and London.


Uphold is a cloud-based exchange and digital wallet that provides users with an effortless way to buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw cryptocurrency. They accept various payment methods such as wire transfers, credit/debit cards, as well as Google Pay deposits for added convenience.

Uphold offers a one-step crypto exchange that enables trading between different assets, like BTC to XRP. This sets Uphold apart from competitors, who often require separate transactions and two sets of fees for this feature. Furthermore, the company has implemented a secure cold wallet which enables customers to store and designate their crypto holdings across various currencies and commodities.

Uphold provides limited customer support, but their FAQ page and email contact form can help customers get answers quickly. Furthermore, Uphold also offers a cryptocurrency-backed loan that allows users to access liquidity in their crypto assets without having to sell them – an advantage over traditional financial institutions.

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Uphold allows you to send cryptocurrency from your account to an external wallet, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. It also supports withdrawing a variety of fiat currencies like GBP, USD and EUR. With their service, you have the option to convert any existing crypto assets into these digital coins or back to fiat if desired.

Uphold is a leading digital money exchange that supports more than 200 crypto assets. Users can deposit and withdraw funds using bank wire, debit/credit cards, as well as eight integrated cryptocurrency networks. Furthermore, Uphold provides customers with secure cold wallet solutions similar to Coinbase or Gemini’s offerings.

Uphold offers a range of payment methods for withdrawals, some with higher fees than competitors. These fees are passed on to the user and vary based on which payment method they select. Withdrawals typically take one to five days to process depending on which withdrawal method is chosen; furthermore, each has its own minimum and maximum limits; for instance, US ACH transactions require $5 minimum withdrawal and Litecoin transactions require 0.25 LTC. Furthermore, Uphold’s support team are available 24/7 to answer queries or resolve any issues that may arise.

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If you have cryptocurrency stored in an Uphold wallet or exchange, the uphold mobile app allows for free sending of that crypto to any user in any other currency through its free feature. This service can be accessed on either iOS or Android devices for a convenient, one-click experience.

The ‘Anything-to-Anything’ trading experience allows customers to trade directly between any supported asset or currency, saving time and money in the process. Furthermore, it plays a major role in financial inclusion by enabling anyone to open an account and invest with no minimum required amount.

Uphold is a digital money platform that offers investments and payments services powered by blockchain technology. Its ‘anything-to-anything’ approach leverages proprietary technologies and e-money apps, with the purpose of increasing financial inclusion for more people around the world.

One of the company’s standout services is its cryptocurrency staking program, which enables traders to stake ETH and other digital coins and receive weekly staking rewards. This option is available for ETH, ADA, SOL, XTZ and ADA coins with compounded returns higher than what would have been earned simply from buying and selling coins individually.

To stake Ethereum on Uphold, you must have an account with a verified address and meet identity verification protocols. This includes providing proof of residency as well as government-issued ID documents like passports or driving licenses.

No compensation can be received until after receiving it or until the preparation period has elapsed (see below). Depending on which Eligible Cryptocurrency network you use, Staking Rewards may be offered at different times or not at all; additionally, some may have an inbounding period which prevents you from transferring, exchanging or withdrawing your Staked Eligible Cryptocurrency.


Uphold is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides various payment solutions and features. The UK-registered company follows an “anything-to-anything” philosophy and adheres to anti-money laundering compliance protocols. As part of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Uphold ensures its customers’ financial transactions remain anonymous.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, Uphold supports a range of fiat currencies including US Dollars, Euros, Great Britain Pounds and Australian Dollars. These makes Uphold an ideal one-stop shop for online transactions.

The platform’s cold wallet feature provides users with a safe and secure place to store both crypto and fiat currencies. This makes it an invaluable tool for international payments, particularly cross-border transfers.

This feature is ideal for frequent travelers who need to safeguard their funds. Furthermore, it helps avoid the high fees associated with traditional third-party solutions like Western Union and PayPal.

Uphold is a multi-asset trading broker that provides access to over 35 cryptocurrencies, 23 fiats and 4 precious metals. Additionally, it supports digital contracts as well as an extensive suite of security features.

To open an account with Uphold, clients must meet identity verification requirements. This includes providing proof of residency, a social security number and government-issued ID document. Uphold accepts deposits and withdrawals in all major currencies.

At present, Uphold accepts traders from Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom; however users from Cuba, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, Korea Sudan Syria Yemen are prohibited.